Dead Voices on Air - CD Two, Never Too Much of Nothing, Tan

by Dead Voices On Air

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This is a triple cd release, all new material, on the U.M.P label from Hong Kong and it is limited to 100 copies. Available here to download. Due to the size of the files, each cd is available as a different album. Yuen from U.M.P put his heart and soul into this cd package. Each of the three cd’s are housed in a full colour, thick cardboard digipack (weighs twice as much as a normal digipack). There is a separate credit sheet on printed card, each cd comes with a handmade unique signed piece of art by Spybey which is beautifully mounted. The art is hand painted or drawn, not a photocopy. It’s housed in a beautiful, printed hard cardboard box, designed by Marco Roberti with translucent embossed text and logo by David Babbitt. Yuen is one of the very best guys in the business .
Lange is based on a small loop by Lori Cole, I felt that it was so beautiful, that I would build an entire album out of it. Thank you Lori.
released July 5, 2015

This is the 20th official release from Dead Voices on Air, and the third for U.M.P Records. A triple cd, it is housed in an extravagant box, containing three gatefold card sleeves and a signed piece of original art. It features collaborations with Lori Cole and Marco Roberti, from the USA and Argentina, respectively. Robert Rentip from Slovakia is also on one track. Robert Rich suggested the title of the CD and several people including David Babbitt developed the packaging. It was mastered by Jan Kruml from Prague and Steven Seibold from the USA.

Spybey says:
I seek new and interesting ways of refining my art in order to develop a new appreciation of the landscape I inhabit. It is not within my capacity to say if I do this successfully but it is my intention. I need to make music, as dramatic as that seems I am not sure that there is an alternative. In the ‘doing’ there is possibility.
I am in the north of a small island populated by a lot of people who show little interest in what I do. It’s a perfect place to be. It’s not always easy to avoid being associated with a band you were once briefly part of (zoviet-france) but it’s slightly irritating nonetheless. For the past 21 years, as Dead Voices on Air, I have recorded and released music. I have played many concerts and have collaborated with many people including members of Can, Swans, Faust etc. My music has become increasingly introspective and some people say that it is melancholic. I have no opinion about that. As soon as I have finished a piece I forget about it. The making of it is not in the slightest bit purgative. I simply make art because I have to. I am inspired by the landscape around me, of people and of nature. I find joy in the company of others, which is why I collaborate extensively.
When I make music successfully (to my ears), I have no idea where the sounds come from. I became obsessed with editing after working with Simon Fisher Turner, who showed the way ahead.
I have little technical mastery over anything. I started by making music with children’s toys, because they have an immediacy that means that the sounds can’t really be influenced by technical mastery. I take sounds from collaborators and try to work with them, to embed them into the small worlds I create. It’s important that I allow the listener to hear the music and not to be fettered by what I think. The studio is my palette. Live, the audience is my inspiration. The venue is important: the moment is everything. I seek to connect with the audience, at whatever level is possible. I never know what I am going to play until I start to play. Sometimes, it works.
‘Never Too Much Of Nothing,” captures most of those elements.
June 2015.


released February 2, 2016



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Dead Voices On Air Northumberland, UK

Spybey has worked under the name of Dead Voices On Air (DVOA) for twenty -four years. He’s released numerous albums and collaborated with a variety of people, including members of Can, Faust, Swans and others. He was a member of Zoviet-France and Download. Other projects include Reformed Faction, Beehatch, Gnome and Spybey, Propeller and is an executive with the Dataist International. ... more

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