1. Fast Falls and Other Stories

  2. Oh Noh Me Stripped Bare by her Bachelors Even. R.Mutt

  3. Live Studio Recordings May 2021

  4. Live Studio Recordings April 2021

  5. Live in Studio March 2021

  6. The Piss Frond Tapes Volume Two

  7. The Piss Frond Tapes Volume One

  8. Live Studio Recordings February 2021

  9. Svalbard
    Grizzly Steppe

  10. W ands
    Western, Creed, Spybey

  11. 20th Anniversary Series

  12. Hens Teeth: A Collection of Rare Compilation Tracks, Volume One

  13. The War Against
    Reformed Faction

  14. The World Awake/11 Stueck
    Reformed Faction

  15. Ferro

  16. Live Studio Recordings November

  17. Save our Ghosts Volume 1
    Reformed Faction

  18. The Partisan and his Dog
    Reformed Faction

    Reformed Faction

  20. Save our Ghohsts Volume 2
    Reformed Faction

  21. Live Studio Recordings September 2020

  22. Live Studio Recordings August 2020

  23. The Drumme and Basse Archives

  24. Isolation Tapes Volume Four

  25. The Isolation Tapes Volume Three

  26. Isolation Songs
    Mark Spybey

  27. A Newer Words Machine (2020)

  28. Welcome to Shap

  29. The Isolation Tapes, Volume Two

  30. Until...
    Reformed Faction

  31. The Isolation Tapes Volume One

  32. With Hidden Noise

  33. Stone Cross Shuttle Worn

  34. Silver the Prows

  35. Of Silence for the Sea

  36. Of gales into tempests grow

  37. USK

  38. One Hundred Titles

  39. Y Para Be Y Para Ba

  40. Cleveland OH, 6.15.00

  41. Anschlag

  42. :spybey:theriault:

  43. Live in Columbus

  44. Ghohst Stories

  45. Pata-Particles

  46. DVoA-CzE

  47. Doggerland

  48. Marz Rose

  49. Frankie Pett en de Onderzeer Boten

  50. Dead Voices on Air - Ouest+

  51. Dead Voices on Air - Sud+

  52. Dead Voices on Air - OST+

  53. Dead Voices on Air - Nord+

  54. Never Too Much of Nothing Yan CD One
    Dead Voices on Air

  55. Dead Voices on Air - CD Two, Never Too Much of Nothing, Tan

  56. Dead Voices on Air - CD Three, Never Too Much of Nothing - Tethera

  57. Another Grey World
    Dead Voices on Air

  58. :the light of june dried flowers in your mouth:
    Dead Voices on Air

  59. Michael and the Angels Fought
    Dead Voices on Air

  60. New Words Machine 2
    Dead Voices on Air

  61. Fast Falls The Eventide
    Dead Voices on Air

  62. The Silent Wing
    Dead Voices on Air

  63. Mawson's Will and Other Stories
    Dead Voices on Air

  64. From Afar All Stars Spark And Glee
    Dead Voices on Air

  65. Vanklaverland
    Dead Voices on Air

  66. New Year
    Dead Voices on Air

  67. Brede Long Tall
    Dead Voices on Air

  68. Pieta
    Dead Voices on Air

  69. Anchorage
    Dead Voices on Air

  70. Musiclab Bratislava
    Dead Voices on Air

  71. Philadelphia
    Dead Voices on Air

  72. Pontiac 2000
    Dead Voices on Air

  73. Seattle Future Space
    Dead Voices on Air

  74. Sample Me
    Dead Voices on Air

  75. Argento

  76. Oro

  77. Rame

  78. Propeller​:​Beehatched

  79. Mouths Like Bailing Twine


Dead Voices On Air Northumberland, UK

Spybey has worked under the name of Dead Voices On Air (DVOA) for twenty seven years. He’s released numerous albums and collaborated with a variety of people, including members of Can, Faust, Swans and others. He was a member of Zoviet-France and Download. Other projects include Reformed Faction, Beehatch, Gnome and Spybey, and Propeller . ... more

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